Schools & Universities

School Cleaning Services from JAN-PRO® of Cincinnati

Schools and universities demand A+ janitorial cleaning services. With the number of students that pass through your doors every day, the appearance, safety, and hygiene of your facilities need to be kept in top shape. University and school cleaning services by JAN-PRO of Cincinnati help schools in the Cincinnati and Dayton area achieve honor roll quality cleaning and disinfection.

When you hire a janitorial services provider for your school, you should expect the best in training, expertise, and experience. With Jan-Pro of Cincinnati, you’re assured all three. Our cleaners receive industry-specific training and focus on cleaning the facilities which they have the most experience. It all comes down to our Signature Clean® process, a Jan-Pro patented system that delivers customized cleaning plans and services.

Under Signature Clean®, your university or school’s cleaning services include:

  • EnviroShield Disinfecting®: We are the only commercial cleaning provider in the Cincinnati and Dayton area with access to EnviroShield®, the most advanced disinfection system in the industry. EnviroShield® wipes out germs, bacteria, flu viruses, MRSA, and other contagions, using a hospital-strength disinfectant that’s also environmentally friendly. This system provides superior coverage, and can even disinfect hard-to-treat surfaces, like keyboards.
  • Quieter Vacuuming and Improved Air Quality: Our HEPA-quality vacuums don’t just clean more quietly than other providers’ models, they also filter harmful particles out from the air.
  • Cross-Contamination Fighting: We frequently change the flat mops and microfiber cloths used by our cleaners and color-code our materials to make sure the mops and cloths used in your bathrooms aren’t used elsewhere.
  • Green Cleaning Methods: Our teams use strategies that provide better coverage while reducing harsh chemical use, helping keep your students and our environment safe.
  • Specialty Floor Care: Concrete, carpeting, tile, marble, and hardwood are all left germ-free and spotless by our staff.
  • Secure Cleaning: University and school cleaning service providers from Jan-Pro of Cincinnati wear full uniforms and easy-to-spot ID tags while cleaning.
  • OSHA Expertise: Our cleaners bring up-to-date OSHA expertise to your school or university, keeping you compliant with all government standards.

Jan-Pro of Cincinnati makes sure our cleanings consistently meet Signature Clean® standards by using the Jan-Pro Tracker® system. This system involves regular, detailed assessments of your university or school to evaluate the quality of our cleaning services. We also back up our cleanings with the Jan-Pro of Cincinnati guarantee: should you ever find a problem with one of your cleanings, it will be fixed within two business days. If not, we give your facility a free cleaning.

Bring superior sanitation and disinfection to your university or school with JAN-PRO of Cincinnati’s cleaning services. Contact us by phone at (513) 793-8000.