Government Agencies

Exceptional Value and Improved Health for Government Agencies

In a low-bid commercial cleaning world, JAN-PRO stands out, providing high-quality service at a price that’s sustainable for all local, county, state and federal agencies.

We Understand Your Challenges. Even now, when budget allocations are stretched thinner than ever, JAN-PRO delivers highly efficient and affordable services. We work within your resource parameters to provide tremendous quality and value, thereby eliminating the dreadful option of choosing a less-qualified low bidder.

We Know Office Cleaning. Our highly trained franchise owners work seamlessly to cover every aspect of your cleaning needs, incorporating the latest technology and most efficient processes.

We Know Technology. Using cutting-edge equipment and supplies improves overall efficiency and environmental quality, and elevates the standard of health for all occupants.

We Work Greener. Using fewer chemicals with greater coverage promotes a healthier environment for workers and visitors.

We Clean Smarter. Color-coded microfiber cloths and flat mops reduce the likelihood of cross contamination.

We Work Quieter. Our four-filter backpack vacuums remove dirt and keep it out of the air quietly and efficiently.

We Train Better. Our franchise owners must successfully complete our five- week intensive JAN-PRO brand standards program, including large facility cleaning — the most rigorous in our industry.

We Speak OSHA. Our franchise owners know exposure control plan and compliance requirements, hazardous communication standards, blood-borne pathogen standards, MSDS compliance, chemical handling and label compliance standards, and drug testing methods.

We Operate Securely. All JAN-PRO franchise owners wear uniforms and prominently display their ID badges.


To make JAN-PRO your commercial cleaning partner, contact your local JAN-PRO office.